What not to eat during pregnancy, it is simple eat nutritious food like fruits and vegetables for your baby. There is simply nothing which can outcast the joy and happiness of hearing the news that you are pregnant. There mere thought of the little baby being developed in your womb is enough to bring tears of joy. You do not become a mother when you give birth to the baby; motherhood actually starts from the day when your life is blessed with a lovely angel, though it will take time for him or her to enter the world. This is why it is important that you start taking care and precautions from the day you get to know about your pregnancy.

Although you would not feel any sudden change in your body, the baby’s growth is in a delicate stage and you need to make sure that you do not do anything that can affect the development of the child. Here are a few common things you must do in order to facilitate the growth of your baby and ensure your health during pregnancy.

Healthy Diet

We all know about this, but sadly, not every mother to be follows this point. Change your eating habits the day you know that you are pregnant. Many mothers switch to healthy diet when they plan to have a baby itself. Increase the intake of necessary nutrients and vitamins as you will need them more than usual. The rise in nutritional intake ensures that the baby is getting all the required supplements for its growth. If you smoke or drink, it is better to stop such activities until the baby is born. Strictly prohibit the consumption of any type of illegal drugs as these are known to have negative impact on the growth of the foetus. Or take this motherhood as a golden chance to transform your life by quitting unhealthy activities like smoking and drinking altogether.

Do not consume raw meat or prefer no meat at all and try going vegetarian for these few months. Although many support meat consumption as it has a lot of proteins, consuming meat actually causes many problems to the health of the baby. You can even have a diet chart prepared with the help of your doctor to ensure you eat only the food which can help your baby get stronger and healthier.

Minimal Stress

Or better, do not take stress at all! The starting few weeks of pregnancy can be easy, but as the time passes by, you will undergo a number of physical changes and emotional turmoil which will add to depression if you take stress in daily life. Try to be as happy as you can and avoid any kind of stressful activities. Read motivational books, classic authors and listen to songs which make you happy. Remember, the baby is not only connected to you physically, but since he or she is in your womb, every emotion of yours has a direct impact on the brain of the3 child. So, if you are happy, the baby is happy as well.

Take maternal leave from work when you are not able to attend office or when your doctor suggests you to take rest. You can go on a vacation and enjoy the feeling of motherhood in the lap of nature. Spend quality time with your husband and family and prepare for welcoming the angel in your world.

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How to Be Happy and Healthy During Pregnancy