But in the automotive industry, it protects the outer and inner surface of the vehicle plus it could be an expression of one’s being. You can choose a lot of colors and shades depending on your taste. It could be a glossy or a dull one. High quality professional car cleaning products from the very best brands in car care. The carnauba wax is the last stage of the process so read the other guides on washing, claying, polishing and cleaning before waxing.

You can choose three types of paints. The first car paint you can use is nitro cellulose paint, also known as acrylic lacquer, and is the most common finish and can be brushed or sprayed on. This car paint is a toxic paint but if you use the correct breathing apparatus then it is easy to apply. Nitro-cellulose dries easily, however it needs to be buffed well to produce shine.

The second car paint you can use on a car’s surface is isocynate paint, also known as two-pack. It is extremely toxic and can affect breathing easily. This car paint is harder to dry and often relies on a hardener (the second part of the ‘two-pack’ system). The pros of this car paint are that it’s very hardwearing and is easy to apply as it comes straight out of a spray gun.

Third and last is the most common car paint, the water-based paint, which is used mostly by car manufacturers and repairers, especially because it is more environmentally friendly. While the color coat is water based, it still needs to be protected by a two-pack lacquer coating. Even though this is a popular car paint, it is harder to use if you’re a DIY painter due to the fact that painting with water-based paints requires two different paint types. You can use our search option to find suppliers who can provide you with car paint supplies.

You should also know how to maintain the car paint. For time and hash environment could damage it and could fade its original color. For regular maintenance, you can wax you vehicle every time you have it car wash. Make sure to choose non adhesive wax to avoid fading and it is safe for top coats.

For dull and with light scratches you can do some exterior detailing. Detailing is a process of rejuvenating the paint, they use special products to recondition its look.

Here are some special products needed to do a three (3) step detailing.

  • Buffing machine
  • Car shampoo
  • Clay bar
  • Polishing compound
  • Cleaner wax
  • Pure carnauba wax
  • Paint sealer

This product could be very costly, so it would be more recommended to have it done on a detailing shop.

It is also a good practice to wax your car 2-4 times a month or as needed. Also a good tip in keeping your car shiny is to avoid using car shampoo every time you clean your exterior, to avoid stripping off your wax. Learn more on how to use a quick detailer after washing your car with plain water.

We hope this article would be very helpful to all enthusiast and reader.

Vehicles Paint Maintenance