I decided to stop shaving my legs and switched to Brazilian laser hair removal because some of my friend told me that it is really effective.

Male Hair Removal is becoming a rising trend in male grooming. No longer are cyclists, body builders and male strippers the only guys to want to manage their body hair.

There are basically two kinds of male hair removal, temporary and permanent. Let’s check out the two options in more detail.

Temporary Options.

  • Shaving. All men know how to shave so it actually needs no explanation. You when all’s said and done, all you need to do is buy a good quality shaving cream or gel and get a high-quality razor and cut off the hair by dragging the razor down and across the skin. Sensitive skin needs extra care so use a sensitive shaving cream or gel and take your time. At all times shave in the direction on your hair growth, when you have completed the newly shaved area, rinse the area well with lukewarm water and use a moisturizer. Pain Factor: 1/10
  • Creams and Gels. Male Hair Removal creams and gels are one more cheap option for temporary hair removal. They can be obtained at any drug store or pharmacy and some supermarkets also carry a range of those products. So all you need to do is read the directions and put on the hair removal cream or gel, wait the required time and take it off. These products do contain chemical compounds that soften and melt the hair at the skin surface and some people are sensitive to these chemical substances, so it’s best to do a skin patch test 24 hours before use. Pain Factor: 1/10
  • Waxing. Do you think you’re feeling brave? Waxing sort’s out the men from the boys. Waxing is a good option if you want to be hair free for a few weeks since it removes the hair from the root. It is recommended that you book in to have waxing done, at least for the first time. If you try it yourself in your own home there could be risk of bruising and moderate skin damage, it’s also awkward to get to the tricky places and remove the hair in the right angle and direction. Should you use the incorrect angle or direction you could finish up with nasty bruises, irritated red blotchy skin and may only just break the hair off at the skin surface which will give you exactly the same result as shaving. It is important to keep in mind that may be painful – think of pulling out a particular hair with a tweezers multiplied by 500. The pain commonly lasts for a few minutes, while you are being waxed and offers a smooth result that lasts as long as 4 weeks. Pain Factor: 7/10 – usually only for a few minutes.

Permanent Options.

  • Electrolysis. Electrolysis is really the only FDA approved permanent hair removal system. It is largely described as inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and activating a small electrical charge. You can’t do it yourself and will need to book in with a professional electrologist. It does hurt a little – to a great deal subject to your skin sensitivity. You can be required to have a few appointments for the same area to entirely control all hair growth. It may be an expensive choice, particularly if you have stubborn hair growth that requires multiple treatments. Pain Factor: 7/10
  • Radio Frequency. Radio Frequency Hair Removal is exactly as it sounds. You use a tweezers device to hold each hair or use small sticky patches applied directly to the skin. A radio frequency is distributed along and down the hair shaft which damages the hair follicle and are meant to stop it from creating hair. It is usually painless, apart from the tingling sensation. You could buy a home use radio frequency unit but it may be very time-consuming since you treat each hair or only small locations at a time and you can need to retreat those same areas over and over. Pain Factor: 1/10
  • Male Laser Hair Removal. Male Laser Hair Removal is usually less painful than electrolysis and must be done by a professional Laser Hair Removal Technician for best results. It is rising in popularity choice for a lot of men but isn’t FDA approved as a permanent hair removal option. You can now buy home laser kits, but these are pretty costly (around the $1,000.00 mark) and reviews of the home laser units are varied with many saying that they do not work. If you are thinking of buying a home laser kit, do your research and make sure there is a money back guarantee. Professional Laser appointments may be an expensive option and results can vary between people. Laser hair removal is not suitable for everybody you must appreciate that lasers work on the pigment naturally occurring in the hair and skin and is more effective on the combination of dark hair on light-colored skin. Pain Factor: 5/10

So, there we have a few male hair removal grooming options: three for temporary and three for permanent hair removal alternatives for Male Hair Removal.

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