For those interested in ski touring and mountaineering, there are few places as alluring as our neighbour to the North, Canada. And in the pantheon of acclaimed back country lodges in North America few offer the wilderness paradise that is Selkirk Mountain Experience. Based in Revelstoke, B.C., home to the breathtaking peaks and long open slopes of the Durrand Glacier Chalet, Selkirk’s mountain skiing expeditions and guided hiking tours offer visitors a unique opportunity to commune up close with the area’s eye-opening terrain while enjoying the accommodations privy to the guests of this beautiful mountain lodge. Head to the Bullet Express and Plaza chairs for a night ski Canada under the stars from Thursday to Saturday nights.

Selkirk Mountain Experience was founded in 1985 by Certified Mountain Guide Ruedi Beglinger, who fell in love with the extraordinary mountain ranges of the Durrand Glacier Chalet over the course of several years and decided it was the perfect spot for a back country lodge. Well over two decades later, Selkirk continues to inspire its guests with the challenge and beauty inherent in its skiing and hiking and attention to detail that makes each guest a priority. Guest can experience and enjoy:

Powder skiing
Alpine hut to hut skiing
Ski traverses
Glacier skiing and hiking Canada’s Durrand Glacier Chalet
Canada Haute Route
Expert guides
Fully catered trips
Private rooms

And while the complex alpine terrain presents a healthy and fun challenge, visitors need not be expert skiers to enjoy these runs.If you are a strong intermediate skier you’ll no doubt find the glaciers and peaks you’ll encounter challenging yet infinitely doable and tons of fun!

Skiers will love the bottomless powder of early winter, the excellent powder they’ll experience from the end of November until early May in this picturesque mountain setting. And every trip that sets off from Selkirk Mountain Experience is led by experienced guides in order to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Ruedi Begingler and his family remain passionate about the guests they host each year, and about providing them with an unforgettable ski touring, mountaineering or hiking experience. Space at this legendary mountain lodge is limited, so what are you waiting for? Join the fun via an exhilarating helicopter ride to Durrand Glacier Chalet, and take in firsthand the challenge, majesty and memories that make up Selkirk Mountain Experience.

Growing up in the Swiss Alps, Ruedi had been ski touring since the age of six. He had become an Internationally Certified Mountain Guide at the young age of 22. And he had developed both an eye for, and a love of, extraordinary mountain ranges. After one winter skiing in the Selkirks, he knew he’d found a paradise. He decided to remain in Canada to work as a freelance guide. For the next four years, Ruedi explored and guided across the Selkirks. He discovered the Durrand Glacier and, convinced that it was the most perfect area for ski touring that he had ever seen.

The Selkirk Mountain Experience is a Ski Touring Experience For The Ages