After years of shaving the same spots every single day, just one day I wake up with a decision to find a laser hair removal for men. Are you planning to get a tattoo done? As it is summer so you must prioritize upon those tattoo designs which capture the mood of this season perfectly well.

Basically, people are instructed to get tattooed in winters because in summers you have to be prepared to face the fact that your wounds are going to get healed at a bit delayed manner as compared to that of the winters. SO, you have to stay with the painful for a bit longer.

If you are still confused and want serious tips on summer themed tattoo designs, these recommendations of experts from a renowned salon of tattoo art services in Kolkata is sure to help you. So, watch out!

  • Shells and the palm

If you love to travel, you would probably know that summer vacations are best spent on the beaches. Now this can be a great theme for your summer tattoo to inspire people to plan their itinerary to a sandy beach that is washed by the gurgling waters of the ocean. Therefore, select any body part of your preference and get some shells and a palm tree inked!

  • The waves

There is yet another summer themed tattoo for the beach lovers who are specifically fond of the waves. This tattoo design only showcases big and small sized waves that are put in the form of a series. All that you need to do for giving this summer tattoo design the right exposure is to find the right spot in your body when it will look best.

  • A bunch of skylarks

If you have been to a calm and quite beech during the dawn of a hot summer day, you may often see a bunch of skylarks flying towards their home. While the scene is surely going to fill your heart with bliss, you can treasure thus memory in your heart forever. For this, you need to get the bunch of skylarks tattooed on your body. As per the experts, as this tattoo covers considerable area of your body to generate the right mood, so your back is the best place to get it inked.

  • The Oriental sun

You will definitely agree to it that the sun is the most significant symbol of summers. This is perhaps a dominant reason why people often get the motif of the sun inked on their body as summer themed tattoo. However, you can add further spice to this sun themed tattoo by giving it an Oriental touch. Basically, you have to ask your tattoo artist to fill up the sun motif with Oriental designs.

  • The ice cream lover

If you get thrilled with the idea that you can pamper your taste buds again with various flavors of ice creams whenever summers come, this tattoo is just perfect for you. The tattoo reflects a large sized ice cream cone where you can add many imaginary scoops of ice cream as you want. You can even ask your tattoo artist to make the scoops colorful so that each of them stand for each of the flavors that you love.

Best Tattoo Trends For Summer